We proudly abide by the American Society of Home Inspectors' Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

Types of Inspections:

• New Construction—all phases and finished product

• Homes of any age—due to our background we tend to inspect a lot of very old homes

• Pre-Listing—to provide a list of issues for a homeowner to address before marketing their home  

• 1 year Builder Warranty—done after a new home has been through a change of seasons to provide a list of issues for the Builder to address















• Maintenance Inspections—it's not a bad idea to periodically have your home inspected to catch issues before they become more costly to repair

• Single/Multiple items—if you have been in your home or purchasing but wish only to have certain items addressed then there is no need to pay for a full inspection. Price is generally based on what is to be inspected and time involved to properly evaluate

Prices are based on finished square footage and age. Additional cost for any detached structures such as barns, garages, stables, work shops, etc.  

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